Do not wait to sterilize the cat. Five kittens by surprise.

My son has a cat. Not so good for the environment, but nice of course for him. It became a serious environmental problem when she suddenly turned out to be pregnant. Do not wait to sterilize the cat, is my advise.

When the cat had to be sterilized, the vet was ill. So he gave her a shot so that she wouldn’t get pregnant for a while. The jab, he said simulated a pregnancy. But it was nonsense and worse. She became pregnant and we did not realize it because of that false pregnancy. When we found out she was already too far away for abortion.

Do not wait to sterilize the cat
So cute

I am a vegetarian and meanwhile I give my cats meat in the form of lumps. How disturbed is that?

We have 5 cute kittens now. They are incredibly funny and sweet, but I hope never to experience it again. They are a serious disaster for the environment. I am a vegetarian and meanwhile I give my cats meat in the form of lumps. How disturbed is that? So do not take a cat or else, do not wait to sterilize the cat.

How can I limit the environmental damage?

  • Immediately sterilize them with 6 months. Both the females and the males
  • Dry cat food instead of fresh meat or wet food
  • Don’t buy stuff for the cats
  • Clean the litter box twice a day to save litter
  • Search for an alternative to cat litter, such as wood chips
  • If they go outside, then with a whole zipper of small cat bells on the collar so that birds and rodents are warned
  • Keep the cats indoors as soon as small birds fly out
  • In the meantime we enjoy them. What else can we do?
  • Does anyone have an other idea or want one?

Scratching post for 60 cents and no waste

scratching post for 60 cents

An old piece of board and a roll of rope is an excellent scratching post. Wrap the rope tightly around the post and secure the rope above and below with a staple. When we do not need it anymore, whe can reuse both the board and the rope

Environmental aspects of cats

Open post
wild fennel pollen

Wild fennel flowers, a luxury in the wrong place

This week I removed some black plastic on the land of my future lavender farm. How are the weeds after 3 and 6 months covered with black plastic? The good news: the bindweed is gone. And even in the last few days, even with an unexpected rain shower, it did not occur again. But, I seem to have a new enemy. A plant that is apparently much more persistent. Namely wild fennel.

After six months of darkness, it’s still there

After six months of total darkness, it is still there. Small and white, but still. Even after weeding, they emerge again. 1st round: 42 pieces on 35 m2. 2nd round 13 pieces (that goes well!) But then the 3rd round again 21 pieces. Fennel, that’s just a tough one.

I am shocked to see that the field next door is completely filled with fennel. And in bloom. Fennel flowers everywhere I look. If all that seed comes loose, I have a lot of extra work.

The wild fennel may not go well with the lavender, but it is actually a fantastic plant. You can use just about every part of the wild fennel. On the dried stalks, fish is smoked at the chirinquitos on the beach, I understand.

The wild fennel flowers are delicious in a stew and the young leaves very good in a salad. The seeds you can put in your bread or make tea with it.

One part of wild fennel is even healthier than the other. Against gases, against high cholesterol…

And now they are in bloom, exactly on my future lavender field. It is actually too late to mow, because seed is already falling out. So I make a virtue of necessity.

Manually harvesting the flowers and seeds of the wild fennel

Today and tomorrow I spend a few hours manually harvesting the flowers and seeds. It smells wonderfully of fennel, on the land and now also in the house. It is a shame that they have to leave the lavender field, but luckily they are in many other places on the land and I don’t have to worry about whether they will manage there. They are realy strong, that has been proven.

Recipes and background about wild fennel on the website ‘eat the invaders’.

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