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ecological lavender garden

When does lavender bloom in Spain?

In France, lavender flowers from mid-June to mid-July. This is when large fields of mostly lavandin bloom. But did you know that true lavender – Lavandula angustfolia – often flowers already from May? Our lavender garden is at 1200 metres in Andalusia, Spain, and here the lavender is already in bloom. I can imagine that lower down the lavender blooms even earlier. Flowering season has started!

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Topped lavender-lavender stoechas

Wild flowers in spring from day to day

Wild flowers and spring! Every day that I go out the wild flowers surprise me. It seems as if they agree at night, to suddenly be all there the next morning. They pop up from nowhere. I will try to make this spring every day a picture. Most species are common but no less valuable for that. Wild flowers are good for biodiversity, for us humans and for the bees. They all tell the same message that it is (almost) spring!

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