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DIY lavender flower press
How to make a lavender flower press?

Making a lavender flower press can’t be that hard, can it? But I don’t know what works best for lavender. So now that the first lavenders can be harvested I thought it would be a good time to try it out.

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real lavender lilac
When does lavender bloom in Spain?

In France, lavender flowers from mid-June to mid-July. This is when large fields of mostly lavandin bloom. But did you know that true lavender – Lavandula angustifolia – often flowers already from May? My lavender garden is at 1200 metres in Andalusia, Spain, and here the lavender is already in bloom. I can imagine that lower down the lavender blooms even earlier. Flowering season has started!

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ecological lavender garden
Ladybird the hero in my ecological lavender garden

Last spring, four lavender plants had aphids. I didn’t take it too seriously and that wasn’t a good idea. Within a short time, the plants were covered in aphids and ants were coming and going. The plants looked worse and worse. I knew they would survive, but I could forget about harvesting these plants for the time being.

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Essential.blue lavender invitation card
Lavender invitation make it your self with real lavender

Kraft cardboard and the full colours of good dried lavender go together very well. Today I felt like doing a little DIY project. Make your own lavender invitation card from Kraft cardboard and lavender. You can, of course, buy envelopes and cards, but I happened to have Kraft cardboard. Besides, you can make your lavender invitation card so much more personal.

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How a lavender eye pillow helps you to relax

The scent of lavender is soothing. That is why a lavender eye pillow helps so much to relax. But that’s not all. A good eye pillow is loose-fitting, allows for full darkening and gives a slight pressure on your eyes. In yoga, an eye pillow is well-known, but less so outside. That is a pity. Because anyone who has a stressful job or family life can benefit greatly from it.

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Very easy lavender bath salt make it yourself

Epson salt can be used in the body scrub I wrote about last week. But of course you can also use Epson salt in your bath. Making lavender bath salt is very easy. For yourself or as a present for een friend to have a relaxing bath or foot bath.

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