Pressed lavender flowers for sale now

pressed flower

The first pressed lavender flowers come out of the press beautifully! I have attached lavender flowers to cards before. The pressed flowers are much nicer for this.

Essential oil storage system DIY to keep bottles upright

Essential oil storage system DIY

Properly sealed and in the dark, essential oils keep for a long time. I thought I had stored my essential oil well, but it turned out that some bottles had fallen over and where slowly emptying. So I needed a essential oil storage system. How to store bottles of essential oil so they stay good and without falling over? Simple DIY project that takes only 10 minutes of time.

How to dry lavender for the best results

how to dry lavender

Drying lavender is quite simple, but you can make mistakes that cost you a lot of time. If you dry your lavender right, you can enjoy the best smells. I tell you how I do it.

Lavender harvest for the very first time lavender harvest

The first lavender harvest could never be great. The test field I started with this spring contains only 40 plants. Moreover, the harvest in the first year is simply not high. But still, the first results can be there.