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♥ Care for yourself & nature ♥ free delivery from €49

Care for yourself or give a sustainable gift

Free e-book: 9 steps for a more relaxed life

Real lavender is not only beautiful and smells good. It is also calming. Read my e-book: 9 Steps for a more relaxed life. Simple applications for in your daily life. 

e-book 9 Steps for a more relaxed life

Dried lavender in vivid colours

A dried lavender bouquet brings the scent of lavender into your home. 1 Bouquet replaces many fresh cut flowers, which are often grown with pesticides. Lavender comes in many shapes and sizes. And combined with other dried flowers, the possibilities are endless.

See the new harvest of lavender bouquets and dried flowers from this summer.

Comfortable sheep wool from the local shepherd

In addition to making lavender products, I also started making slippers from Spanish sheep’s wool. Dyed in the most beautiful colours with natural paints. And anti-stress balls made of wool, filled with lavender. Squeezing them is good against stress and so is the smell of lavender. 


Lavender stress ball

Make your own soap & essential oil

Making your own soap with natural ingredients is good for you and for nature. It is not difficult either. Making your own essential oil is the next step. Buy or make sustainable products. Read along how I do it. 

About me

Hi, I’m Mariette and I am the owner of Essential.blue

Everything for sale should be sustainable. That is what I believe.

Essential.blue I started to make the world a little better. Read my story about the creation of Essential.blue.

Buy my products because they are sustainable, but also because they are good for you, your family and your friends.

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Lavender in bloom in my garden