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Care for yourself & nature shop

Because villages need to remain liveable and products to come from nearby and be sustainable. On I blog about self made nature products and DIY project you can make.

The need of resilient landscapes

Our land in the Alpujarra mountains had been abandoned for 30 years. Where there is no longer any irrigation, trees and water sources dry up. We try to make our land more resilient. That is more important than ever because of climate change.

Lavender good for people and the bees

Lavender is good for people. It makes you happy and lavender angustfolia is soothing. Lavender is also good for bees. Lavender and wild flowers on our land attract many species of bees that are increasingly being squeezed out elsewhere.

Sheep wool from the local shepherd

We can’t wait to work with the sheep wool from the flock here in the Alpujarras where we live. Because the world imports wool from Australia while wool of good quality just around the corner has fallen into disuse. is about nature. And about self made nature products we make and you can make.

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