Care for yourself & for nature

Hi, I’m Mariette and I have a lavender garden in Spain. Read my blog on making soap, essential oil and other DIY nature products. And use my sustainable self made products.

Lavender makes you happy and relaxed

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Make your own sustainable products

Buy or make your own sustainable products. That is good for you and for nature. Read my blog about how to make essential oil or your own soap and other natural products. 

Comfortable sheep wool from the local shepherd

In addition to making lavender products, I also started making slippers from Spanish sheep’s wool. Dyed in the most beautiful colours with natural paints.

See my first woolen baby slippers

Make your own soap & essential oil

Making your own soap with natural ingredients is good for you and for nature. It is not difficult either. Making your own essential oil is the next step. Read along how I do it. 

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Greetings from the mountains

This is where my lavender garden is. This is where I live.

This is where I live.

Everything for sale should be sustainable. That is what I believe.

I challenge you not only to buy my sustainable products, but also to make them yourself.” 

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