Free e-book: homemade skin care

homemade skin care - free e-book

Home made skin care - Free e-book

Have you ever read a label on skincare products? It does not make you happy.

If it is understandable at all, it is often not good for nature and often not even for your skin.

Fortunately, there is a solution: homemade skin care. 


When you make your own personal care products, you know exactly what’s in them. And especially what’s not in them. 

In this e-book, I explain step by step how to make 6 homemade skin care products.

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Homemade skin care e-book

In this 28 Pages e-book you can read why and how to make your own homemade skin care.

  • Why making your own products is a good way to take care of yourself and of nature.
  • How you can make your own soap, from very simple to slightly more difficult. And how you can avoid common mistakes.
  • How to make a body scrub and bath salts in different scents.
  • How to make (lavender) oil, by distillation or by soaking lavender in a base oil.


Why is homemade skin care important?


Because a lot of skin care products are skin-irritating 

Take SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). Although it often causes skin irritation and is potentially carcinogenic, it is still found in many skin care products and toothpaste.

Why is it used? Because it is cheap and because it foams. It is the world upside down. Skin care products that do exactly the opposite of what you buy them for.

Yet it is often the reality.

Because we are deforesting for skin care products

Palm oil is much in the news. It is not bad for your skin, but it is a major contributor to deforestation. And it is in everything. 

Tropical rainforest is being cut down and exchanged for palm oil plantations. 

If only these were the only problem ingredients:

Because you forgot about parabens, artificial fragrances, Triclosan, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycol, Formaldehyde, Benzophenone, Aminophenol, Diaminobenzene, Phenylenediamine.

And the list goes on.

They are often ingredients that are added to make something last longer, prevent bacterial growth, make a product more spreadable
or make it foam more.

They are never added because they are good for your skin. They are often harmful to your skin and hormonal balance, harmful to nature and sometimes carcinogenic.

You really have to be an expert to read skin care product labels. If you know that palm oil and its derivatives are hidden under
200 different names. 

Homemade skin care is not difficult, fun to do and a solution to many problems. Try it yourself, with my free e-book. Step by step.


Who am I?

I am Mariette, owner of and I have a lavender garden in the South of Spain. In my e-book, I will be sharing how to make 6 home skin care products step by step. Enjoy my free e-book and good luck with making your own home skin care products.



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