About my lavender farm and other sustainable projects

At an altitude of 1200 meters in the Alpujarras Sierra Nevada I decided to start a sustainable lavender farm. Because of climate change and I’ll tell you why.

In the summer of 2019 in Europe heat records where tumbling over each other. In the north it was sometimes warmer than in Spanish Andalusia where I live.

Climate change is not for away if you live in nature

If you live in a city you will maybe hardly notice climate change or let alone the loss of biodiversity. But if you live in nature, both are clearly visible.

Why a sustainable lavender farm?

Nature is becoming more and more vulnerable, where I live and beyond. The land in the mountains is hardly maintained any more. Or there will be water-guzzling tomato farms because people have to earn money. Climate change comes on top of that.

I realised we have to act to restore landscapes and make them more resilient. In the study Business Approach to Sustainable Landscape Restoration the organization Commonland shows how to return degraded land into nature.

One example was about South Africa. With lavender and essential oil a village earn money with nature instead of depleting nature, which was normal until then.

Landscape restoration with lavender

I’ll write about starting the lavender farm and other small sustainable steps

An even more beautiful but also more resilient landscape is what I have in mind. I hope to inspire more people to do the same. This blog is about lavender, self made nature products and about small sustainable steps.

I sell my first nature products on Etsy and in my own shop

Follow my blog about our nature products, ideas to make your self and other sustainable projects.

Mariette, Essential.blue

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