♥ Care for yourself & for nature

♥ Give a sustainable gift

♥ Free delivery from €49


♥ Care for yourself & nature ♥ free delivery from €49

Dried flowers and lavender bouquets

Dried flowers and lavender bouquets


Dried flowers and lavender in beautiful colours

All my dried flowers are grown naturally in and near our lavender garden. 

When I harvest I leave many plants for the bees. Finaly I dry the lavender and flowers naturaly. 

So that they not only keep there colour but also their enchanting scent. 

Care for yourself & for nature

These flowers replace bunches of fresh cut flowers for a whole year or more. 

That is at least as beautiful, better for the environment, but also a lot cheaper. 

Dried flowers; how long will they last?

This dried flowers will be beautifull for at least two years after the harvest. But do not place them in direct sunlight.

Do you wonder if the dried flowers will arrive in good condition?

They are packed in such a way that they arrive in excellent condition. If something does go wrong, then of course we will solve that right away. 

Why are this dried flowers a good choice?

First of all, these are beautiful dried flowers. The colours are bright or just subtle, as it suits your home. The lavender smells lovely when you touch it. And will continue to do so for up to two years after harvesting.

With these dried flowers you take good care of yourself, but also of nature. On our land in the mountains of Andalusia, lavender and other dried flowers are grown in harmony with nature. Lavender does not need much water once it is well rooted. 

And of course we don’t use pesticides. Bees and butterflies, which are under increasing pressure elsewhere, feel at home in this oasis.

Moreover with dried flowers you replace at least a year’s supply of fresh cut flowers, which unfortunately are often bad for the environment.