Bouquet lavandin Heavenly Scent


This bouquet lavandin Heavenly Scent contains 100 Stems of lavandin lavender. The name says it all. Heavenly scent lavandin smells heavenly. For making a bouquet or use it in your DIY soap or other creative product. Lavandin lavender is the most common lavender. This bouquet contains 100 stems of lavandin lavender in blue, with a touch of grey and purple. Lavandin lavender smells stronger than the Angustifolia lavender.


This dried bouquet lavandin is blue with a touch of grey and purple. When in flower, this lavandin is  more purple. We harvest this lavender from our own lavender garden in Spain.

lavandin lavender smells stronger than lavandin angustfolia. This lavender is excellent for lavender sachets. But also as a large and beautiful lasting bouquet. This bouquet has 100 stems.

This Bouquet comes in bunches with a lenght of 37 cm.

In the Alpujarras nature reserve, where we live, we cultivate lavender with the greatest respect for nature. We sell the lavender flowers separately or in bunches of dried lavender. We have angustfolia lavender and lavandin in different colours.


Additional information


blue, Heavenly Scent


37 cm.

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