Dried flower bouquet Grosso lavender


Dried flower bouquet ‘Grosso’. The Grosso lavender is widely grown in France, but also does very well here in the mountains in Spain. The colour is blue to dark blue. And the stems are relatively long. Grosso lavandin, like all dried lavenders, is good for at least one year, but more often two years. So it is an excellent solution if you want flowers in the house, but do not want to buy a new bunch every time. This is a large bunch with 100 stems up to 50 cm in length. It fits in a larger vase, but can also be combined well with other (dried) flowers.



This dried flower bouquet we harvested from our own lavender garden in Spain and dried it naturaly.

lavandin lavender smells stronger than lavandin angustfolia. This lavender is excellent for lavender sachets. But also as a large and beautiful lasting bouquet. This bouquet has 100 stems.

This dried flower bouquet comes in bunches with a lenght of 40 to 50 cm.

In the Alpujarras nature reserve, where we live, we cultivate lavender with the greatest respect for nature. We sell the lavender flowers separately or in bunches of dried lavender. We have angustfolia lavender and lavandin in different colours.


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40 cm., 44 cm., XL 50 cm.