3 Embroidered lavender bags


How nice is it to take your blouse out of your wardrobe in the morning, when a subtle lavender scent meets you. Put this embroidered lavender bags in between your blouses. Not only is the smell fantastic, but lavender also helps against clothes moths. Handmade in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain. Filled with dried lavandin lavender from my own lavender garden. The bags are made of organic cotton and and are sold in a set of 3 pieces.


Three Lovely smelling embroidered lavender bags for in between the blouses in your wardrobe.

The lavender bags made from 100% organic cotton, each with its own unique hand embroidered lavender. You can hang them invisibly on the clothes hanger or on the hook with a piece of string that also closes the bag.

Each bag contains approximately 7 grams of lavender. The bags can be opened for refilling.

Measurements per piece 13 cm. x 4,5 cm.

In the colours white, blue and pink.


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Blue, pink, white