Stress ball with real lavender


Squeezing an anti-stress ball is stress relieving. Put this ball next to your laptop, or wherever you need to relax. As soon as you squeeze it, the scent of lavender is released.

A stress ball reduces anxiety and stress and improves emotional stability, lowers blood pressure and improves concentration and creativity. It gives more positive energy and improves sleep. Put the ball where you need it. And squeeze it!

If available, you can choose between two types of lavender: the ‘ordinary’ lavandin lavender and the the real ‘calming’ lavender Angustifolia.

Please note: this is a ball ready-made. If you want to make one yourself you can buy a kit for a DIY stress ball here.




The stress-ball is hand-felted from naturally dyed Spanish sheep wool. The filling consists of real, lovely smelling lavender and ecological linseed. The lavender comes from my own lavender garden.

The anti-stress ball contains:

  • naturally dyed Spanish sheep wool in the colour of your choice
  • lavandin lavender from my own lavender garden
  • ecological linseed

Fully biodegradable

Often, (anti) stress balls are made of plastic. This ball on the other hand is made of Spanish sheep wool that is naturally dyed. The ball is filled with dried lavender and ecological linseed. Apart from reducing your stress level, it is also good for the environment. When the ball is discarded, a bird can make a nest with it and when the linseed comes out, beautiful blue flowers will appear. 🙂


Additional information


Blue, Green, Lilac, pink, yellow

Type of lavender

Angustifolia calming lavender, Lavandin lavender