Anti-stress ball DIY kit with wool and lavender


Make your own anti-stress ball with naturally dyed sheep’s wool and lavender. Just making the stress ball itself is a fun stress-relieving DIY job. Then put the ball next to your laptop, or wherever you need to relax. Squeezing an anti-stress ball is stress relieving. As soon as you squeeze it, the scent of lavender is released. If that is not relaxing 🙂

If available, you can choose between two types of lavender: the ‘ordinary’ lavandin lavender and the the real ‘calming’ lavender Angustifolia.

In this pack, you will find everything you need to make your own anti-stress ball.

Please note: this is a kit to make 1 anti-stress ball yourself. If you want to buy the anti-stress ball ready-made, you can do so here.




The ball is to be wet felted. Even if you have never felted sheep’s wool before, this is pretty easy to do if you are a bit handy. Then you cut the ball open and fill it with a mixture of lavender and flaxseed and sew it up. Finish the seam with dry felt.

The DIY kit anti-stress ball contains:

  • 10 grams of naturally dyed Spanish sheep wool in the colour of your choice
  • 7 grams of lavandin lavender or the real ‘calming’ lavender Angustifolia, both from my own lavender garden
  • 20 grams ecological linseed
  • 1 styrofoam ball with a diameter of 5 cm.
  • 1 felt stitch with holder for dry felting
  • A piece of bubble wrap for wet felting
  • sewing thread in the same colour as the wool to close the ball

What you also need and what is not in the kit:

  • A little bit of soap for felting, e.g. washing-up liquid or olive soap.
  • A normal needle to close the seam.
  • Possibly an (old) pantyhose, which makes wet-felting easier.

In my blog I’ll explain exactly how to make it and why a stress ball works so good.

Fully biodegradable

Often, (anti) stress balls are made of plastic, but this anti-stress ball is made of Spanish sheep wool that is naturally dyed and filled with dried lavender and ecological linseed. Apart from reducing your stress level, it is also good for the environment. When your anti-stess ball is discarded, a bird can make a nest with it and when the linseed comes out, beautiful blue flowers will appear. 🙂


Additional information


Green, Lilac, pink, yellow

Type of lavender

Angustifolia calming lavender, Lavandin lavender