Soothing lavender dried


Soothing lavender in 25, 50 or 100 grams. Fill sachets or an eye mask with this soothing lavender and it helps to relax. It also smells subtly sweet and delicious. In addition the beautiful colours of this lavender also make it suitable for creative projects. For making soap, candles or filling scented sachets.

This is calming dried lavender from the lavandula angustifolia. We also have ‘normal’ lavender, also called lavandin.

Read further in the description why this lavender is soothing. 


Soothing lavender Angustifolia does not smell as strong as lavandin. But it smells richer, softer and sweeter and above all, it is calming.

The calming effect of this Angustifolia lavender is known for a long time. Yet it wasn’t until 2018 that it was scientifically proven how it works. 

It is the scent of this lavender that is so important for relaxation.

Dried lavender is soothing for at least 2 years

Fortunately, the scent is still emitted by this dried lavender for a long time. For up to two years after harvesting, or even longer. Squeeze the soothing lavender and the scent will release again, even years later.

But beware: most dried lavender and lavender oil is made from lavandin. This hybrid lavender contains much less linalool and is therefore not calming.

  • The calming Lilac lavender is Angustifolia Melissa Lilac.
  • The calming blue lavender is Angustifolia Imperial Gem or Elizabeth or Siesta.

In the nature reserve of the Alpujarras, we care for lavender with the greatest respect for nature. We sell dried lavender separately or in bunches of dried lavender.



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Blue, Elizabeth, Blue, Imperial Gem, blue, Siesta, Lilac, Melissa Lilac


25 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams