Pressed lavender flowers


10 Pressed lavender flowers in your choice of colour, white, lilac or dark blue. With these pressed flowers you can make your own invitations, for example for your wedding. Or you can frame them or put them between two glass plates. You can also make your own ornaments with lavender. Or use the pressed flowers in your diary or bullet journal.



For the pressed lavender flowers I used the lavandula angustifolia – so the real lavender. On our own lavender garden in Andalusia, Spain we do not use any pesticides, everything is pure nature.

The lavender is pressed in my flower press in June 2021. In my blog you can read how to make one yourself.

The length of the flowers with stem is about 18 centimetres.

Read more about making your own pressed lavender flower press of how to press the flowers in two blogs on my website.


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Blue, Lilac, white

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