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Category: Sheep wool

stressbal lavender - stress bal Essential.blue
Make your own lavender stress ball

Squeezing a lavender stress ball helps when you are tense. Filled with lavender, the stress ball becomes extra anti-stress. I will tell you how to make this stress ball. And also why this stress ball is so good.

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Sustainable presents Essential.blue
16 Sustainable gifts to buy or make

Sustainable gifts are not only more fun – especially when you make them yourself – but also good for the environment. Giving presents for the holidays, a birthday, a newborn or a wedding can be much more environmentally friendly. That is why I give you 16 Tips to make or buy sustainable gifts.

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elderberry as a natural dye
Making natural dye for wool with Elderberry

Natural dye from the elderberry would give a nice lilac even without mordant. The colour variation from lilac to purple is interesting enough for me to try it as a natural dye for my sheep wool. The elderberry, Sambucus nigra, happens to have plenty of berries at the moment. I show you how I made the natural dye.

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washing raw sheep wool
Washing raw wool: the best working method

I am going to wash raw wool to test the quality as felting wool. Maybe for the last time because I hope to have a large batch of sheep wool washed soon. Over the past 2 years I have gained a lot of experience in washing raw wool. While washing this small batch I tell you about my experiences.

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felted slippers out of discarded but good sheeps wool
How to put sheep’s wool back into use

After the first step of washing and carding discarded sheep’s wool in my neighbourhood in small amounts, I am now entering a new phase. Will I succeed in washing and carding the wool of an entire flock of sheep? The long road to putting sheep’s wool back into use.

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natural dyeing with dandelion
Natural dyeing wool with dandelion

The dandelion has just started to bloom in the fields. I’m curious to see how natural dyeing wool with dandelion will turn out. Now that I have an abundance of sheep’s wool, the time has come to make something of it. I bought the book Wild Color by Jenny Dean and I’m eager to get started.

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Essential.blue cleaning sheep wool
Cleaning sheep’s wool that no one wants

Sheep’s wool is a beautiful material, but unfortunately in general it scores poorly on animal friendliness and environment. Positive is that it doesn’t contain any plastics and it stays warm en beautifull a very long time. Against this background, it’s pretty crazy that the shepherd in my neighbourhood can’t get rid of his wool. He has a shed full of it and nobody wants it.

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