felted sheep wool

Naturally dyed slippers in bright and vivid colours

Naturally dyed slippers, that was the aim. I myself started with natural dyeing of sheep’s wool, but soon found out that this is a specialist job. Especially if you want to dye brighter shades. Luckily I met a real specialist, Rachel. Now I now it is true. You can really dye bright and vivid colours with plantmaterial.

I asked Rachel to dye wool in five dye colours. And recently I have the wool in my house, dyed by Rachel and washed and carded by Mantexman. So the wool did go back and forth, but only within Spain.

Rachel had sent me a photo with examples of her naturally dyed wool. I could hardly believe the bright colours. But it is true as you can see.

I would never have achieved these beautiful colours myself. See one of my trials with elderberry on the right. So I am glad that I called on Rachel’s help.

Natural dyed slippers in yellow, green, pink and blue

The price for the naturally dyed wool is high. That is not surprising, because these special dyes are expensive and it is all handiwork from a real specialist. And it is all done in Spain, not in a low-wage country.

natural dyed slippers out of carded wool - Essential.blue
Natural dyed wool by an expert
  • Yellow: honey tree, Sophora japonica
  • Pink: Cochinilla from the Canary Islands
  • Purple/dark pink: cochinilla purple from the Canary Islands
  • Green: Indigo japonica and sophora japonico
  • Blue: Lac Resin and Japanese Indigo
  • Turquoise: Japanese indigo and buckthorn bark

I have started to felt the wool to make the naturally dyed slippers. And it is a pleasure to know that these colours are not only beautiful, but also completely sustainable and hand-dyed.

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