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Tea light with lavender to make yourself

Easily make this atmospheric candle light with lavender. It gives you a bit of summer atmosphere and scent. You can do this DIY project with fresh lavender, but then you run the risk of the flowers drooping very quickly. With dried lavender stems you will enjoy it much longer. I made this mood light with lavandin lavender from my own lavender farm.
tea light candle lavender

What do you need to make a lavender tea light?

  • Tea light
  • Simple lemonade glass or, as in my case, the packaging of a generic chocolate spread
  • Twine
  • Adhesive tape
  • Dried lavender on stems. Measure the circumference of the glass and assume about 1.5 stems per centimetre. More or less is of course possible.
tea light DIY

Other ideas for lavender candles

Make a soya lavender candle. You can read how to do it here. Or buy my lavender candle made from 100% olive oil.

How to make the lavender tea light?

Cut the stems to the length that fits the glass and that you like. Also be aware of the fire risk when lighting the tea light. Preferably make the stems a little shorter than the glass rather than longer.

You can put a rubber band around the glass and stick the flowers in between. I have arranged the lavender flowers on a piece of tape. If the arrangement is satisfactory, put another piece of tape over the stems and the tape so that the lavender is firmly attached. Leave both ends of the tape free at the bottom to stick it to the glass.

Stick the strip of lavender to the bottom of the glass either all at once or several times depending on its length.

Stick the beginning of the roll of string to the side at the bottom of the glass. Then tie the rope around it as many times as you like and use a coarse needle to tuck the end back into the tightly wound rope.Cut off any protruding stems at the bottom. Place the tealight and enjoy an atmospheric evening with your homemade tea light with lavender.

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