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Anti stress gift from Andalusia

Are you going away this autumn? Holidays can help with high workloads and stress. But unfortunately, that holiday feeling is also quickly gone. It is important to do something against stress in everyday life. To this end, I have created something: an anti stress gift box. It will help you or a friend who could use a little more relaxation during daily activities.
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An anti stress gift is pretty much needed, maybe for yourself, but otherwise for a good friend. 43% Of employees experience high levels of stress, I wrote in my blog Do you have one of the 9 Stress symptoms? However nice, holidays alone are never the solution. If the bar is too high at work, find a solution for that. Get enough sleep and go to bed on time and get up on time. And exercise and do relaxing anti-stress activities. But there is something else you can do. Just during daily activities.

There is a lot of anti stress in my lavender garden

In my lavender garden in Andalusia, there is also stress but of a very different kind. Removing invasive weeds in time before they flower, for example. And harvesting the lavender when it is just right but that there is also enough left for the bees and butterflies. But I can’t complain. If it were stress at all, it disappears as soon as I spend 15 minutes working in the garden. Working outside is great, but unfortunately not everyone gets it. I consider myself extra lucky to work with lavender.

Lavender Angustifolia is scientifically proven to be calming.

I want to pass on a bit of anti-stress to you

From that tranquillity here in the mountains of Andalusia, I want to pass on a bit of anti-stress to you.
I created an anti stress gift box containing 3 products that can help you daily while sleeping, reading and working.

anti stress gift Essential.blue pink red
Anti stress gift box in pink/red or green/blue: 3 anti-stress products in a gift box for €26,95.

The anti stress gift box contains:

  • A stress ball filled with lavender
  • A bookmark filled with lavender
  • And a bag of calming lavender

Yes, even during work you can benefit from the stress ball. Place the stress ball next to your laptop and squeeze it every now and then. Squeezing a stress ball is relaxing, that too has been proven. A stress ball is not only good against stress. According to the brownhillsurgery hospital in Hampshire UK, squeezing a stress ball also helps against arthritis pain, improves emotional stability, reduces anxiety and stress, lowers blood pressure and improves concentration and creativity and gives more positive energy and improves sleep. That is why the stress ball could not be missing from the anti stress gift box.

I have made stress balls from felted sheep’s wool filled with dried lavender. When you squeeze them, the effect is twofold, because apart from the movement of squeezing that relaxes, the smell of lavender also relaxes and is released when you squeeze the stress ball.

Better than scrolling on your mobile, reading is a good habit before bed. Put a bookmark in your book with the scent of lavender. That also helps. And place the little bag of soothing lavender close to your pillow and rub it occasionally to release the calming scent.

Use these products to make things a little more relaxing in the ordinary moments of every day. But don’t forget to tackle the causes of stress too. Stress is not only very annoying, but also bad for your health. Read more about that in my other blogs.


The stress ball in the anti stress gift is made of Spanish sheep’s wool dyed with natural dye from plants. The ball is filled with ecological flaxseed and dried lavender from my own garden.

The bookmark is made of ecological cotton and filled with cardboard and a little lavender. The scent stays in your book, not overly fragrant, but just good enough.

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