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Calming lavender helps to relax

Calming lavender is the lavandula angustifolia. The 'English lavender'. Here in Spain it does not seem to be very well known. That's a pity because the calming quality of Angustifolia lavender is phenomenal.
calming lavender angustifolia

When I started my lavender garden, I could not find any Angustifolia from Spanish growers. Later I did find a few under the name Vera or Officinalis, but no one could guarantee that they were not grown from seed and that they were the real Angustifolia. I wanted really calming lavender. Fortunately, I have many of them now. 🍀

Calming lavender and how you can use it to relax

I have written about how you can use the natural calming effect of calming lavender before. Now I have also created an e-book about it. 9 Steps for a more relaxed life. I could have made it 20 steps, or 50 steps, because the possibilities are countless. And so many people can benefit from it. Because research shows that stress and tension are increasing.

e-book 9 Steps for a more relaxed life

In English, Spanish or Dutch.

Lavender a much better and healthier solution to relax

On Google, I noticed that people often look for calming tablets when they are stressed. This is a great pity when dried calming lavender and lavender oil can also help and is a better and healthier solution.

Download my e-book.
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