How a lavender eye pillow helps you to relax

The scent of lavender is soothing. That is why a lavender eye pillow helps so much to relax. But that’s not all. A good eye pillow is loose-fitting, allows for full darkening and gives a slight pressure on your eyes. In yoga, an eye pillow is well-known, but less so outside. That is a pity. Because anyone who has a stressful job or family life can benefit greatly from it.

I think we all know that lavender is soothing. When I work in my lavender field or distil lavender oil, I notice it. Yet it was only proven scientifically in 2018 at Kagoshima University, Japan. And since then we also know how it works. It’s not about the intake of Linalool, a key ingredient of lavender, but about the smell. That is why a lavender eye pillow, so close to your nose, works so well.

If you suffer from stress you can benefit greatly from an eye pillow. If you work a lot with computers, the light pressure on the eyes of an eye cushion is an ideal way to relax your eyes.

Use it with a power nap or to fall asleep at night

A little siesta or power nap helps you to recharge your batteries after or in between a busy day. The ideal short power nap lasts about 10 to 20 minutes.
If you use the power nap with a lavender eye pillow you will be able to relax even better.

As if you are sleeping in a lavender field

You can use an eye pillow for a power nap or use an eye pillow for sleep.

The best lavender eye pillow

  • contains natural dried lavender, ideally lavandula angustfolia
  • gives a slight pressure on your eyes due to filling with natural material that is slightly heavier such as linseed
  • is generously sized and fully opaque
  • is a organic cotton eye pillow
  • has a cover that can be washed lavender eye pillow

My self made eye pillows meet these requirements and are filled with ecological linseed and lavender from our own lavender farm. you can find them on Etsy.

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