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The Beauty of dried flowers in vase

The big advantage of dried flowers is that you don't have to buy fresh flowers every week. Besides saving time and money, you also save the environment. They stay beautiful for two years. Lavender even smells nice, not overpowering, but subtle and depending on which one you choose, lavender is also soothing.
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You can see how my dried flowers in vase are looking. Any vase will do, it can also be one made of papier mache or a vase that leaks water. Of course, dried flowers don’t need water. Dry flowers are beautiful, natural and giant easy. Replace polluting ‘fresh’ flowers with dried flowers in home.

Dried flowers decor

Dry flowers look nice in the hall, in the living room. The slightly stronger-smelling lavender does very well in the bathroom. You can put lavender and other dried flowers in vase anywhere in the house.

How long do dried flowers in vase last?

Don’t put them in direct sunlight and your dried flowers will stay good for a very long time. Lavender smells for years. Dust the dried flowers carefully from time to time to keep them fresh and beautiful.

How much do you save with dried flowers?

My dried flowers and lavender go from 7.95 per bunch. And they don’t last 1 week, but easily 2 years. So if you buy cut flowers normally, the savings are huge.

Do dried flowers arrive by post?

Yes, this is no problem at all.The dried flowers in vase are well secured in a box. Some flowers can also be sent as a letterbox package. The shipment goes well in all cases. If something does go wrong, we will of course send you a new bunch.

Why are dried flowers eco-friendly?

‘Ordinary’ cut flowers often come from greenhouses or are flown in, which is not good for the climate. Moreover, they are usually grown with a lot of pesticides and nutrients. They are often a kind of poultry.

Read my blog on how polluting are cut flowers or read mor on ted.com

Natural dried flowers in vase are a very good alternative. These last a very long time and do not need to be harvested all year round.

A local flower picking garden near you in summer is also a good idea. But those flowers are not there all year round.

Especially in winter, you need flowers. So consider that those come from the greenhouse or by plane. Just for a single week to bloom.

I harvest my dried flowers in summer from my lavender field and the surrounding land. Of course, I do not use pesticides. Indeed, everything on our land is set so that the bees, butterflies, birds and insects have a good time there. We plant special plants for them. Provide them with water ponds and bee hotels.

Spanish heavenly scent

The Spanish sun makes my lavender smell extra nice and they keep that scent for a very long time, at least two years.Touching my dried lavender for a moment releases the scent again.The wonderful smell of summer. 

What do you think, do dried flowers also look good in your home?

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