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♥ Care for yourself & nature ♥ free delivery from €49

DIY skin care how to start

Do you also worry about bad additives in skincare products? Start making your own DIY skincare today. I'll help you get started with my free e-book. Download it now, in Spanish, Dutch or English.
diy skin care free e-book

Why should you make your own DIY skin care?

Because additives in our daily care products are often bad for your skin, but also for nature.
Many ingredients are potentially carcinogenic or hormone disruptive. The palm oil that is used affects the habitat of the last orang-utans. And the jars and bottles disappear into the plastic soup.

Fortunately, there is a solution:

Make your own DIY skin care

Make the switch to sustainable. Buy sustainable products. And if a label contains a jumble of incomprehensible words, leave it be. If you make your own DIY skin care products, you know exactly what is in them.

And especially what it doesn’t contain.

Say goodbye to harmful additives

It is much better for you and for nature.

If you want to make your own DIY skin care, where should you start?

I started DIY skin care myself years ago. I still buy products, but I make the basics myself.

I have compiled some of my most important recipes in a DIY skin care free e-book. You can download it for free and start making your first DIY skin care products today.

DIY skin care products that are good for you and for nature

In my e-book you can read:

  • Why making your own products is a good way to take care of yourself and of nature
  • How you can make your own soap, from very simple to slightly more difficult. And how you can avoid common mistakes.
  • How to make a body scrub and bath salts in different scents.
  • How to make (lavender) oil, by distillation or by soaking lavender in base oil.

Why should you make skin care products yourself?

Because skin care products are often Skin-irritating

Because ingredients are used that are cheap or because it foams. Can you believe that? Skin care products that do exactly the opposite of what you buy them for. Yet it is often the reality.

Because skin care products accelerate deforestation

Try to find products that do not contain palm oil. It is quite a job. You really have to be an expert to read skin care product labels. If you know that palm oil and its derivatives are hidden under 200 different names. The Orangutan Alliance lists over 200 names of products or ingredients derived from palm oil on their website

Tropical rainforest is being cut down and exchanged for palm oil plantations. Not only for skin care. But why would you use products that help end something as beautiful as tropical rainforest? Especially if it can be done differently. Better for you and for nature.

Benefits of making your own DIY skin care products

  • This way, you not only take care of yourself, but of nature as well.
  • When you make skincare products yourself, you can be absolutely sure what is in them.
  • You can choose to use only the very best ingredients for your skin.
  • You can choose to omit all ingredients that are bad for nature and biodiversity.
  • Making your own skin care products is often not difficult at all.
  • It is fun to do and does not always take up a lot of time.
  • It is often cheaper, because the profit goes to you and not to a company.
  • You get rid of the plastic bottles and jars that might otherwise end up in the plastic soup.
  • And you always have nice presents to give away.

So start today! Download my e-book and start making your own DIY skin care.

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