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♥ Care for yourself & nature ♥ free delivery from €49

Go green on Black Friday

82% of Americans plan to shop during or around Black Friday. Europe, meanwhile, also loves it. In google last year, the word black Friday was searched 70 million times in 10 European countries alone. Buy nothing day, the day after, contrasts rather sharply with 5,400 search results last year in the same countries. Yet that's what we should be doing. Buy nothing or plant a tree.
black friday: buy nothing

It isn’t cheaper to buy on Black Friday

The website research Wich.co.uk has found that there’s no need to rush, as genuinely good deals are very rare. In fact, none of the products they tracked were at their very cheapest price on Black Friday 2021.
Who it does benefit are the big companies. Last year, $9 billion worth of purchases were made on this Friday in the US alone. Almost a quarter of that went to purchases on Amazon. And Google must be making a lot of money from all those ads too. But you and I do not. And the livability of our world pays the price. Go green on Black Friday. Buy nothing but plant a tree or give a tree as a gift on Green Friday.

Environmental costs of buying goods

Clothing and accessories (82%) and electronics (73%) will be the top purchases. These don’t exactly seem like basic necessities, as we buy too much of those by default.
All that stuff causes major environmental damage. Raw materials are depleted, making and shipping products all over the world causes high CO2 emissions and thus climate change. See below the top 7 most important causes of climate change. Moreover, products are often made in poorer countries. Those countries are left with huge mountains of waste, pollution and people who do not earn enough income from producing all the crap. If they don’t get sick already from the poor working conditions.

Top 7 causes of climate change according to the United nations

  1. Generating power
  2. Manufacturing goods
  3. Cutting down forests
  4. Using transportation
  5. Producing food
  6. Powering buildings
  7. Consuming too much

Is it really necessary to further inflame consumers to buy even more polluting stuff? Another new cheap TV, even more disposable toys or yet another new clothing?
The only ones making a profit are too big companies that make the world even more unlivable.

The livability of the world is the price we pay for bargain hunting

Buy nothing on Black Friday and buy less, much less, throughout the year. And if you buy anything, buy second-hand or sustainably from small sustainable business owners.

Is bargain hunting worth more than the earth we live on? I don’t think so. What do you think?

Join Green Friday

Fortunately, there is an alternative: Green Friday. The Green Friday movement makes a statement against overconsumption on Black Friday.

Trees for All: ‘Our world needs more forest: for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. That is why the Trees for All Foundation plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad.’

Plant a tree or give a tree as a gift on Green Friday.

we join Green Friday. Buy noting on Black Friday



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