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Stress toolkit: 4 tools to help you in stressed moments

You probably know it, that you should do less when stress mounts. But precisely at the moment when you are suffering from stress, there is no time for that. Not to take a walk, not to relax, because exactly at such a time you need to perform. For First aid for stress, there is the stress toolkit.
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What is in a first aid for stress toolkit?

  1. A stress ball cannot be missing from your stress toolkit. You put it next to your laptop and squeeze it when it gets too much. Squeezing a stress ball is relaxing. But do not use a plastic throwaway ball, which is bad for the environment, but does not help as much as a ball filled with soothing lavender. This ball is made of Spanish sheep’s wool dyed with the dye of plants. And inside that ball is soothing lavender (note: not all lavender is soothing) and ecological flaxseed. The latter makes the ball ‘squeeze nicely’.
  2. An eye pillow also provides first aid for stress. Just when everything has to be perfect, headaches come on and you look like crap (think yourself). Put this eye pillow filled with soothing lavender and linseed on your eyes for 10 minutes and the world looks different again and so do you. The gentle pressure on your eyes resets you completely for a while. This eye pillow falls nice and wide, blocks light and the soothing lavender that is released every time you touch it makes you feel calmer.
  3. Put a bookmark filled with lavender in the book you read before going to bed. Choose a relaxing book of course.
  4. A bag filled with soothing lavender, put that in your bag or place it nearby and squeeze it occasionally.

Choose my calming products for your stress toolkit below:

Does it really work? Just squeeze or lie down for 10 minutes?

Yes, it really works. The effect of soothing lavender has been proven.
Lying down for a while is a good idea anyway, a siesta is good for you. Make it a very effective short siesta with an eye pillow with soothing lavender on your eyes. And use a stress ball, also proven effective, filled with lavender. Then use your precious time in the best possible way. You’ll feel a lot better right away.

But remember, if you are constantly under stress, this stress toolkit is not enough, you really need to start doing less or solve the problem at its core. Read this blog of mine on stress symptoms.

Why is lavender so good for first aid for stress?

It is the Linalool in lavender that makes calming lavender soothing. At Kagoshima University in Japan, it has been proven how it works. It is the smell of soothing lavender that makes you calm, you can read in the Sciencedaily. That’s why an eye pillow, close to your nose works so well.And that is why it is wise to take a good sniff of lavender once in a while.

Which lavender should be in your stress toolkit?

Not all varieties of lavender contain (the same amount of) linalool. The angustifolia Lavender works best. Recall that most lavender in France is lavandin.This lavender variety has a higher yield because the plants grow bigger and flower more profusely. But this lavender is thus not very soothing, if at all. And so is almost all the lavender oil and lavender you find in shops. So pay close attention.

In my lavender garden in the south of Spain, I have both lavandin and the calming lavender. If you are unsure which of my lavender is really soothing, feel free to ask me. You can always email me with your questions.

The more sun the more fragrance of calming lavender

The sunshine hours in southern Spain are ideal for the scent of lavender. Because the more sun the more fragrance and therefore the more soothing. That’s why I started the lavender garden. I myself live in a peaceful area now, but I remember very well what life was like when I myself still lived in the Netherlands and had a stressful job.The lavender garden provides soothing lavender for those who need it, as well as rich biodiversity for the bees and butterflies and other insects that are increasingly struggling.

If you want to learn more first, you can also download my free e-book:

Stress toolkit: First aid in moments of stress

In English, Spanish or Dutch.

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