Cleaning vinegar with lavender

Cleaning with lavender vinegar

Now that spring is here, it’s an extra good reason to make lavender cleaning vinegar. Because ordinary cleaning products are often bad for the environment and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the smell of vinegar is very typical. I wonder how long it takes for lavender to dispel this smell of vinegar. Surprisingly, it goes very quickly.

Make your own lavender stress ball

anti stress ball lavender

Squeezing a stress ball helps when you are tense. Filled with lavender, the stress ball becomes extra anti-stress. I will tell you how to make this stress ball. And also why this stress ball is so good.

Making lavender oil is easy-peasy making your own lavender oil

You can make lavender oil yourself, by distilling or by putting lavender in oil. Making lavender oil yourself with dried lavender and a base oil is very easy. It surprises me how good the result is.

Lavender bags, not only a gift for grandma

present for grandma embroided lavender bag

Embroidered lavender bags, a good gift for grandma but not only for her. You will like lavender bags too. How nice is it to take your blouse out of your wardrobe in the morning, when a subtle lavender scent meets you.

Making candles with dried lavender

lavender candles DIY

How to make candles with dried lavender? I made two candles from soy wax, lavender oil and with dried lavender. I show you how I did it and why pressed lavender flowers are the best.

Precious sustainable gifts good for the environment

sustainable presents to make or buy

Sustainable gifts are not only more fun – especially when you make them yourself – but also good for the environment. Giving presents for the holidays, a birthday, a newborn or a wedding can be much more environmentally friendly. That is why I give you 15 Tips to make or buy sustainable gifts.

Making natural dye for wool with Elderberry

elderberry as a natural dye

Natural dye from the elderberry would give a nice lilac even without mordant. The colour variation from lilac to purple is interesting enough for me to try it as a natural dye for my sheep wool. The elderberry, Sambucus nigra, happens to have plenty of berries at the moment. I show you how I made the natural dye.

You want to buy a bouquet of lavender? This is my top 3

lavender blue

This year I had my second lavender harvest and of course I look around a lot in lavender country. This is how I came up with my top 3 lavender varieties that are most suitable for a lavender bouquet. Which bouquet of lavender should you buy? They are for sale in my shop alongside lavender that is more suitable for bagging.