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Lavender bags, not only a gift for grandma

Embroidered lavender bags, a good gift for grandma but not only for her. You will like lavender bags too. How nice is it to take your blouse out of your wardrobe in the morning, when a subtle lavender scent meets you.
present for grandma embroided lavender bag

Why do people like lavender?

  • Lavender angustifolia is relaxing
  • It smells like summer
  • Lavender helps against clothes moths and mosquitoes
  • Essential lavender oil soothes and disinfects and is used in aromatherapy
  • Maybe you remember the smell of lavender in your grandmother’s house?

The healing effect of lavender has been known for a long time. Balsams with something that looks like lavender were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (1340 to 1322 BC) in Egypt. Under King Henry VIII (1491 -1547) of England, lavender moved from the monasteries to the gardens. Lavender was placed between linen, sewn into sachets and mixed with beeswax to make furniture wax. Source: history of lavender

Gift for grandma: lavender between linen and clothing

Lavender between linen and clothing was a good custom not so long ago. Your grandmother can probably still remember that. So give lavender bags as a gift to your grandmother, but also put them in your own wardrobe.

Did you know that dried lavender holds the scent for years? If properly dried, the scent remains in the lavender flowers for a very long time. If you squeeze a dried lavender flower, the scent will spread again.

Why don’t clothes moths like lavender?

According to an article in Elsevier scitech connect, it is the components 1,8-cineole and camphor in lavender that moths dislike. So lavender helps against clothes moths and it just smells good between your clothes. This is much nicer than mothballs, which are also harmful to your health.

Of course, your grandmother already knew this. That’s why these embroided lavender bags are a good gift for your grandma. But lavender is also good for you.

Gift for yourself: a lavender eye pillow that helps you to relax

Put lavender bags in your wardrobe, but also use lavender when you need to rest after a hard day’s work. A lavender eye pillow helps you to relax. Lying down for 15 minutes with a lavender eye pillow on your eyes is often enough. Read here why a lavender-filled eye pillow works so well.

relaxing eye cushion - Essential.blue
Eye pillow filled with lavender

And put a bunch of lavender in your home. It will last longer than a bunch of fresh flowers. And is therefore a lot more environmentally friendly. There are more colours and types of lavender than you might think.

what can you do with an everlasting lavender bouquet?
Lavender flowers in recycled glass bottles

By the way, a bunch of lavender is also a good gift for grandma -:)

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