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Cleaning vinegar with lavender

Now that spring is here, it's an extra good reason to make lavender cleaning vinegar. Because ordinary cleaning products are often bad for the environment and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the smell of vinegar is very typical. I wonder how long it takes for lavender to dispel this smell of vinegar. Surprisingly, it goes very quickly.
Cleaning with lavender vinegar

Vinegar, from cleaning to hair conditioner

White kitchen vinegar and cleaning vinegar (not edible) are good against grease and descaling. You can even use it as a fabric softener and conditioner for your hair.

In my small supermarket nearby, they don’t have much variety, but they do have an aisle full of cleaning products. That is really unnecessary. I get by very well with soda, vinegar and sometimes green soap, teetreaoil and baking soda.

Recipe for lavender vinegar for cleaning

To make cleaning vinegar with lavender I put 10 grams of my strongest smelling lavandin Provence in 170 grams of vinegar. One jar with cleaning vinegar, the other with white wine vinegar. Of course, it could also be ordinary white kitchen vinegar, but I couldn’t find that in my small supermarket.

The vinegar turns red the same day

The same day, the vinegar in both bottles turns red. And it smells like lavender very quickly.
After a week, I think it’s good enough and I feel like cleaning.

Just in time for spring cleaning. I’m going to use lavender vinegar diluted with water to clean the bathroom, descale the toilet, degrease the oven and so on. I love that it smells like lavender now.

Here you can read what you can use vinegar for.

Don’t use the lavender cleaning vinegar on wood or stone

P.s. Don’t use lavender vinegar on wood and natural stone. So be careful with the kitchen sink and a stone floor. I am also not going to use this red lavender vinegar as a fabric softener. First, try it to make sure that the colour does not rub off. For now, washing windows and the bathroom fittings and fixtures is working fine.

Do you have any tips for sustainablecleaning products?

See here how to make a delicious lavender oil with lavender and olive oil.

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