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Making lavender oil is easy

You can make lavender oil yourself, by distilling or by putting lavender in oil. Making lavender oil yourself with dried lavender and a base oil is very easy. It surprises me how good the result is.
DIY body scrub essential.blue making your own lavender oil

What do you use home made lavender oil for?

I am making lavender oil as nourishment for my hair. If my hair is a bit dry, I leave olive oil in it for a few hours before washing it. Problem solved, no need for a bottle of conditioner. The only thing is that it smells like olive oil. Well, not any more.

The result of the lavender oil DIY with olive oil is amazing. It was strong smelling, but after 4 day’s I didn’t smell olive oil any more, but lavender.:-)

Making lavender oil: how do you do it?

10 Grams of dried lavender from my own harvest went exactly in a jar that I had. Don’t forget to clean and dry the jar very well. I filled the jar almost to the brim with the lavender. Then I added as much olive oil as would fit in the jar. Close the lid and that was it, really.

Every day I shook the jar and smelled it. After about 4 days the smell of olive oil was completely replaced by the smell of lavender.

After 7 days I put the contents of the jar through the sieve. If you want a stronger scent of lavender, just wait until 3 weeks more. Then pour the oil through cheesecloth or another clean cloth if you want it completely filtered.

I have found my favourite hair mask. But you can do much more with it.

A massage with this oil helps you to relax

With lavandula angustifolia, the real lavender, your home made oil becomes soothing and disinfecting. A massage before going to sleep helps you to unwind. Give your feet a treat every now and then.

Which base oil do you choose for making lavender oil?

I chose Extra Virgin Olive Oil, simply because I am a fan, it comes from my region and it is always in the kitchen. And it keeps longer than, for example, the more neutral almond oil.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of different base oils to dissolve essential oils in or to make this lavender oil yourself. Essential oils are also dissolved in a base oil (carrier oil) to be applied to the skin.

What is the difference between essential oil and this home made lavender oil?

Essential oil is distilled and for that you need a distillation kettle. On this page Ill show you how to distill lavender oil. Ethereal oil is extracted from the dried lavender flowers by steam under high pressure.

Ethereal oil is expensive because a lot of flowers, go into the distiller and only a little oil and distillate come out. It is better not to apply essential oil directly on your skin, it is much too concentrated for that.

The lavender oil I made today you can use directly on your skin. If you soak ecological lavandula angustifolia in olive oil, you can also use this oil in the kitchen. Just make sure that the oil can still be used. Olive oil has a long shelf life, but only if you process the oil hygienically.

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Are you already making lavender oil?

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