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Category: sustainable living

black friday: buy nothing
Go green on Black Friday

82% of Americans plan to shop during or around Black Friday. Europe, meanwhile, also loves it. In google last year, the word black Friday was searched 70 million times in 10 European countries alone. Buy nothing day, the day after, contrasts rather sharply with 5,400 search results last year in the same countries. Yet that’s what we should be doing. Buy nothing or plant a tree.

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diy skin care free e-book
DIY skin care how to start

Do you also worry about bad additives in skincare products? Start making your own DIY skincare today. I’ll help you get started with my free e-book. Download it now, in Spanish, Dutch or English.

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how polluting are cut flowers? Image Ina Hoekstra via Pixabay
How polluting are cut flowers?

How polluting are cut flowers? Very polluting is the answer. Do you have to stop having flowers in your house altogether, then? Luckily you don’t have to, there is a good alternative: dried flowers. With 1 bunch, you can replace up to 100 bunches of fresh cut flowers, if you normally buy fresh flowers every week.

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Cleaning with lavender vinegar
Cleaning vinegar with lavender

Now that spring is here, it’s an extra good reason to make lavender cleaning vinegar. Because ordinary cleaning products are often bad for the environment and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the smell of vinegar is very typical. I wonder how long it takes for lavender to dispel this smell of vinegar. Surprisingly, it goes very quickly.

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Sustainable presents Essential.blue
16 Sustainable gifts to buy or make

Sustainable gifts are not only more fun – especially when you make them yourself – but also good for the environment. Giving presents for the holidays, a birthday, a newborn or a wedding can be much more environmentally friendly. That is why I give you 16 Tips to make or buy sustainable gifts.

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elderberry as a natural dye
Making natural dye for wool with Elderberry

Natural dye from the elderberry would give a nice lilac even without mordant. The colour variation from lilac to purple is interesting enough for me to try it as a natural dye for my sheep wool. The elderberry, Sambucus nigra, happens to have plenty of berries at the moment. I show you how I made the natural dye.

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