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Wild Flowers in the Alpujarras Sierra Nevada Spain

After shooting 50 species of flowers on and around our lavender farm in March and April, I continue here with the wildflowers in the Alpujarras in May.

Why wild flowers in the Alpujarras?

Because they are beautiful. We leave the wild flowers on our lavender farm because of biodiversity. The bees can feed on our lavender from May to October and before and after that that they have enough to eat from the many wild flowers. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would want to use pesticides.

10 Reasons not to use pesticides

A neighbour uses pesticides against aphids. Apart from the aphids, it also kills the ladybird, which is very good at combating aphids. Read my blog about the aphid and the ladybird. With pesticides one is completely ruining the natural chain. It is dangerous for our own health and for biodiversity. Jean Vernon has described it excellently on the Hartley Magazine: ten reasons not to use pesticides

These wild flowers are so beautiful why should we poison them?

You should just leave wild flowers, shouldn’t you? They are often beautiful and functional. Okay I also suffer from extreme weeds, like bindweed. But pesticides will not solve this problem. Read how I battle against bindweed.

An ode to the wild flowers in the Alpujarras

wild flowers in the Alpujarras - essential.blue

Look here for the wild flowers from mid-March onwards

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