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Category: anti-stress

woman needs stress toolkit
Stress toolkit: 4 tools to help you in stressed moments

You probably know it, that you should do less when stress mounts. But precisely at the moment when you are suffering from stress, there is no time for that. Not to take a walk, not to relax, because exactly at such a time you need to perform. For First aid for stress, there is the stress toolkit.

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where to find time to relax
Where to find time to relax

Sweet woman who keeps all the balls in the air.

You feel the stress mounting and you have no time to relax. Because your work has to get done. NOW. Soon the children will be here. Or you have to provide informal care. Moreover, you have to cook and the house is a mess.

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anti stress gift - Essential.blue
Anti stress gift from Andalusia

Are you going away this autumn? Holidays can help with high workloads and stress. But unfortunately, that holiday feeling is also quickly gone. It is important to do something against stress in everyday life. To this end, I have created something: an anti stress gift box. It will help you or a friend who could use a little more relaxation during daily activities.

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calming lavender angustifolia
Calming lavender helps to relax

Calming lavender is the lavandula angustifolia. The ‘English lavender’. Here in Spain it does not seem to be very well known. That’s a pity because the calming quality of Angustifolia lavender is phenomenal.

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stressbal lavender - stress bal Essential.blue
Make your own lavender stress ball

Squeezing a lavender stress ball helps when you are tense. Filled with lavender, the stress ball becomes extra anti-stress. I will tell you how to make this stress ball. And also why this stress ball is so good.

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