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Category: anti-stress

calming lavender angustifolia
Calming lavender helps to relax

Calming lavender is the lavandula angustifolia. The ‘English lavender’. Here in Spain it does not seem to be very well known. That’s a pity because the calming quality of Angustifolia lavender is phenomenal.

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Do you suffer stress symptoms?
Do you have Stress symptoms?

Too much (work) stress and/or systematically going beyond your limits is bad for your health and well-being. But how do you recognise that you are exceeding your limits? Recognise stress symptoms.

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anti stress ball lavender
Make your own lavender stress ball

Squeezing a stress ball helps when you are tense. Filled with lavender, the stress ball becomes extra anti-stress. I will tell you how to make this stress ball. And also why this stress ball is so good.

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