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Very easy lavender bath salt make it yourself

Epson salt can be used in the body scrub I wrote about last week. But of course you can also use Epson salt in your bath. Making lavender bath salt is very easy. For yourself or as a present for een friend to have a relaxing bath or foot bath.

  • Fill a large bowl with Epson bath salts and add drops of lavender oil.
  • Stir well and leave the salt and lavender to stand for at least a day without a lid.
  • Add more drops of lavender oil, depending on your taste.
  • Stir again and leave to stand.
  • After a few days, the salt will be dry enough to put in jars or bottles.
Essential.blue lavender bath salt DIY
lavender bath salt with and without lavender flowers in reused bottles

Lavender bath salt in recycled bottles

The bottles in the photo are reused juice bottles that I got from a local bar. Clean and dry the bottles or jars very well and decorate them as you like. That way, you have a personalised gift of lavender bath salt to give away or to use it yourself.

You can also add dried lavender flowers or ground dried lavender flowers to the bath salts, as explained in the previous blog about body scrub.

Essential blue dried lavender
Dried lavender blue, lilac, white and mixed

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