Lavender wands; weaving with fresh lavender

Lavender wands or lavender botteles can only be made in the summer when the lavender is fresh. It is a bit of a chore, but once you get the hang of it, it looks and smells great.
I am sharing the steps with you. If you don’t feel like making them yourself or don’t have fresh lavender on hand, you can buy them on my Etsy page.

You can decorate with lavender wands, but you can also put them in your wardrobe like lavender bags, but in a different way. They also make great gifts to give away.

This is how you make lavender bottles

  1. Tie ribbon around an odd number of lavender stems, tightly against the lavender flowers at the top.
  2. start carefully weaving the ribbon. Pull the ribbon alternately through the stems, tight against the lavender flowers. My tip: place the flowers head down in a glass and then carefully fold over the stems one by one as you pull the ribbon through them.
  3. Once you have made the first round, press the stems flat against the flowers and continue to weave. If you make a mistake, no problem. You can take out 2 stems if it goes wrong somewhere, so don’t start with too few. For example, at least 15 stems.
  4. Weave through to the end of the flowers, tie a knot in the ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the stems. Make another knot at the end and a double bow.

Note: Remember to tighten the ribbon firmly all the time, the lavender dries out and the stems and flowers become thinner and so the ribbon loosens. This is not a problem unless you don’t tighten the ribbon properly from the start.

Making lavender wands in the lavender garden

Somewhere I read that lavender wands have been made since Victorian times. Making lavender wands between the flowering lavenders under a parasol in my lavender garden. I feel very privileged!

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