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Category: Lavender

dried flowers in vase - Essential.blue
The Beauty of dried flowers in vase

The big advantage of dried flowers is that you don’t have to buy fresh flowers every week. Besides saving time and money, you also save the environment. They stay beautiful for two years. Lavender even smells nice, not overpowering, but subtle and depending on which one you choose, lavender is also soothing.

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Dried flowers through the letterbox
Dried flowers through the letterbox

Staying home for a parcel is not always easy. From today, I can also send dried flowers through the letterbox. So you don’t have to stay at home for them. Your dried flower parcel will fall into your letterbox without any problems and you will receive it faster. This already applied to some other products.

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tea light candle lavender
Tea light with lavender to make yourself

Easily make this atmospheric candle light with lavender. It gives you a bit of summer atmosphere and scent. You can do this DIY project with fresh lavender, but then you run the risk of the flowers drooping very quickly. With dried lavender stems you will enjoy it much longer.
I made this mood light with lavandin lavender from my own lavender farm.

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calming lavender angustifolia
Calming lavender helps to relax

Calming lavender is the lavandula angustifolia. The ‘English lavender’. Here in Spain it does not seem to be very well known. That’s a pity because the calming quality of Angustifolia lavender is phenomenal.

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Cleaning with lavender vinegar
Cleaning vinegar with lavender

Now that spring is here, it’s an extra good reason to make lavender cleaning vinegar. Because ordinary cleaning products are often bad for the environment and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the smell of vinegar is very typical. I wonder how long it takes for lavender to dispel this smell of vinegar. Surprisingly, it goes very quickly.

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stressbal lavender - stress bal Essential.blue
Make your own lavender stress ball

Squeezing a lavender stress ball helps when you are tense. Filled with lavender, the stress ball becomes extra anti-stress. I will tell you how to make this stress ball. And also why this stress ball is so good.

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DIY body scrub essential.blue making your own lavender oil
Making lavender oil is easy

You can make lavender oil yourself, by distilling or by putting lavender in oil. Making lavender oil yourself with dried lavender and a base oil is very easy. It surprises me how good the result is.

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Sustainable presents Essential.blue
16 Sustainable gifts to buy or make

Sustainable gifts are not only more fun – especially when you make them yourself – but also good for the environment. Giving presents for the holidays, a birthday, a newborn or a wedding can be much more environmentally friendly. That is why I give you 16 Tips to make or buy sustainable gifts.

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