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Make your own lavender wreath out of fresh lavandin

This month another DIY job that can only be done with fresh lavender. Namely a lavender wreath. If you are like me into lavender you have to try it sometime. And I must say I like the result. This wreath is made from Heavenly Scent lavandin and on our beautiful Spanish front door it looks really good. I will show you how I made the wreath.
make or buy sustainable presents - lavender wreath

As a base I took a wreath of natural material. And I just used wire, no plastic, everything natural. When the wreath is finished, you develop the wire and the rest can go on the compost heap.

The best way is to use equal quantities of small bunches of fresh lavender. I attach the wire to the lavender wreath and place a first bunch of about 15 lavender flowers on the wreath and wrap them around with wire, directly behind the flowers.

Place each next bunch over the wire

The next bunch will be placed over the wire, so you won’t see it anymore. And so you go on. First I tried using short pieces of wire, but that is a lot of fuss and difficult to work with. My iron wire is in one piece. Make sure that your roll of wire is smaller than the wreath.

In total this wreath is made of 35 bunches of about 15 flowers, so now I understand why these lavender wreaths are expensive, except that it is a lot of work, there are more than 500 lavender stems in it.

Make your own wreath

lavender wreath on our front door

But the result is great, right?

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