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You want to buy a bouquet of lavender? This is my top 3

This year I had my second lavender harvest and of course I look around a lot in lavender country. This is how I came up with my top 3 lavender varieties that are most suitable for a lavender bouquet. Which bouquet of lavender should you buy? They are for sale in my shop alongside lavender that is more suitable for bagging.

Buying a bouquet of lavender? What are the options?

There are countless varieties of lavender. And within those there are many variations. Here are the 3 most common varieties

  • Lavandin: This is the lavender we all know. The lavandin generally smells quite strong.
  • Lavandula angustfolia: this is the ‘real’ lavender, which is calming.
  • Stoechas: this is the Spanish crested lavender. It looks great in a pot, but is less suitable for bouquets as the stems are generally not very long.

What is the difference between lavandin and lavandula angustfolia?

Both are suitable for a bouquet of lavender. The difference is the scent and whether or not it is calming, but also the length of the stems. If you want a large bunch of lavender, lavandin is a good choice. If colour is important, you will be better off buying a bunch of lavender Angustfolia. The flowers of lavandin and angustfolia lavender are very different. As you can see on the photos above.

I have both varieties in my lavender garden and sell lavender bunches of both. But which bunches of lavender are really worth buying?

Here are my top 3 of the best bouquet of lavender to buy

  1. Lavandula Angustfolia Imperial Gem
  2. Lavandula Angustfolia Melissa Lilac
  3. Lavandin Heavenly Scent

Why should you buy this bouquet of lavender?

blue lavender
Lavandula Angustfolia Imperial Gem

Imperial Gem:

  • Intense deep blue colour
  • The beautiful flower buds
  • Smells enchanting, not overdone like many lavandin’s, but subtle.
  • This lavender is calming
lilac lavender
Lavandula Angustfolia Melissa Lilac

Melissa Lilac:

  • Beautiful lilac colour
  • Thick beautiful buds
  • Once you’ve smelled this lavender you’ll never want to smell another lavandin again. It is sweet and subtle
  • This lavender is soothing
lavandin heavenly scent -
lavandin heavenly scent

Heavenly Scent

  • Of all the lavandin’s I know this is the one with the best blue/purple colour
  • The scent is strong like a lavandin, but less sharp and a little sweeter. The name says it all, you imagine yourself in heavenly spheres.
  • The stems are generally longer than those of the angustfolia.

See what you can do with a bunch of lavender here

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