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You want to buy a bouquet of lavender? This is my top 3

This year I had my second lavender harvest and of course I look around a lot in lavender country. This is how I came up with my top 3 lavender varieties that are most suitable if you want to buy a bouquet of lavender.
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Buy a bouquet of lavender and it will keep for up to 2 years if not exposed to sunlight. So a bunch of dried lavender is a sustainable choiche. But which one is the most beautiful? Which bouquet of lavender should you buy?

These are the possibilities to buy a bouquet of lavender

There are countless varieties of lavender. And within those there are many variations. Here are the 3 most common varieties

  • Lavandin: This is the lavender we all know. The lavandin generally smells quite strong.
  • Lavandula angustfolia: this is the ‘real’ lavender, which is calming.
  • Stoechas: this is the Spanish crested lavender. It looks great in a pot, but is less suitable for bouquets as the stems are generally not very long.

What is the difference between lavandin and lavandula angustfolia?

Both are suitable to buy a bouquet of lavender. The difference is the scent and whether or not it is calming, but also the length of the stems. If you want a large bunch of lavender, lavandin is a good choice. If colour is important, you will be better off buying a bunch of lavender Angustfolia. The flowers of lavandin and angustfolia lavender are very different. As you can see on the photos above.

I have both varieties in my lavender garden and sell lavender bunches of both. But which bunches of lavender are really worth buying?

Here is my top 3 of the best bouquet of lavender to buy

  1. Lavandula Angustfolia Imperial Gem
  2. Lavandula Angustfolia Melissa Lilac
  3. Lavandin Heavenly Scent

Why should you buy this bouquet of lavender?

Buy a bouquet of lavender - dark blue lavender essential.blue
Lavandula Angustfolia Imperial Gem

Imperial Gem:

  • Intense deep blue colour
  • The beautiful flower buds
  • Smells enchanting, not overdone like many lavandin’s, but subtle.
  • This lavender is calming
lilac lavender
Lavandula Angustfolia Melissa Lilac

Melissa Lilac:

  • Beautiful lilac colour
  • Thick beautiful buds
  • Once you’ve smelled this lavender you’ll never want to smell another lavandin again. It is sweet and subtle
  • This lavender is soothing
lavandin heavenly scent - essential.blue
lavandin heavenly scent

Heavenly Scent

  • Of all the lavandin’s I know this is the one with the best blue/purple colour
  • The scent is strong like a lavandin, but less sharp and a little sweeter. The name says it all, you imagine yourself in heavenly spheres.
  • The stems are generally longer than those of the angustfolia.

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If you were to buy a bouquet of lavender, which one would you choose?

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