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Pressed lavender flowers for sale now

The first pressed lavender flowers come out of the press beautifully! I have attached lavender flowers to cards before. The pressed flowers are much nicer for this. My first pressed flowers I sell on Etsy. And I tell you what improvements I made to the lavender press.

Blue, white and lilac pressed lavender flowers on Etsy

The first pressed flowers are for sale on Etsy per 10 pieces. In white, lilac and deep blue. The stems were so long that it was difficult to send them. So I cut a piece off. The size of the pressed lavender flowers is 18 centimeters. Price is 5,95 euro, including free delivery.

Buy this pressed lavender on Etsy

After the good experience I made the flower press bigger. The press now consists of four layers of wood. The press is ready for the next round of presses!

How to make your own flower press?

My previous blog was about making your own flower press. Read how to do it here.

Based on the experiences in use I made the holes a little wider so it is easier to remove the wooden panels without the risk of shifting the flowers.

I tightened the nuts every day and replaced the paper after one week. After more than 2 weeks the pressed lavender flowers are ready.
The result is beautiful. The colours white, lilac and dark blue stand out.

pressed lavender flowers lilac, white, blue
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