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What can you do with an everlasting lavender bouquet?

A fresh bunch of flowers will not last more than a week. But how different is it with a bunch of dried lavender. I'll show different ways to use a dried lavender bouquet and how to keep it beautiful.
what can you do with an everlasting lavender bouquet?

You can put a bunch of dried lavender in a vase. But even nicer is to use glass bottles, simple jus de Orange bottles will do just fine. Short stem lavender flowers you can fit in even smaller bottles.

Is a lavender bouquet really everlasting?

Everlasting is a big word but a well dried lavender bouquet wil last a very long time. Lavender scent remains for years and if it fades away just touch the flowers.

To keep them beautiful put hem out of direct sunlight. So colours stay brighter. Another problem is dust. You can dust them very carefully or air them outside.

Don’t throw away lavender that falls off

Of course flowers will fall off. This flowers you can use in a DIY body scrub, bath salts and in your own lavender soap. So don’t throw them away.

With a single lavender flower you can make an invitation card or to wrap a present.

Different kinds of lavender flowers

  • Lavender angustfolia is calming and has deep intense colours. The scent is often sweeter and less penetrating then the smell of lavandin.
  • The most commonly sold lavender is lavandin. This type of lavender smells stronger. That is the scent you recognize the most when it comes to lavender. Lavandin is not calming and the colours are sometimes less intense.

Where to buy a bunch of lavender flowers?

I farm lavender with the greatest respect for nature and biodiversity. Therefore it is small scale. After the harvest in June and July, I have the widest range of lavender bouquets in terms of types and sizes.

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