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♥ Care for yourself & nature ♥ free delivery from €49

16 Sustainable Christmas gifts

Make this Christmas a sustainable celebration. Buy nothing or buy from small sustainable entrepreneurs. And buy sustainable Christmas gifts.
sustainable christmas gifts

Sustainable Christmas gifts to decorate

De dried flowers in frame look very nice in front of the window or on the sideboard. But you can also put in a photo. Lavender is attached to the natural candles, made from olive oil and not polluting paraffin. The dried flowers last up to 2 years and often much longer, replacing a lot of polluting bunches of flowers. Three sustainable christmas gifts for someone who likes to decorate the house.

Sustainability: The candles are made from olive oil, which is better for the indoor climate at home and better for the environment. The lavender and most of the dried flowers come from my own sustainable garden.

Price: 12.95 to 34.95

Presents for somebody who needs to relax

Sustainable Christmas gifts to beat stress. Stress is not only unpleasant as well as unhealthy. Give someone who is stressed an eye pillow with soothing lavender. Just relax for 10 minutes with the eye pillow and they can get on with it. Place a stress ball next to a laptop. Squeezing a stress ball is soothing, especially if it is filled with calming lavender. Finally, a relax gift box, with not only the stress ball but also a bookmark filled with lavender and a bag of calming lavender.

Sustainability: The lavender from these Sustainable Christmas gifts comes from my own sustainable lavender garden. The wool of the stress ball is made of local sheepwool and is dyed with natural dye from plants and flowers. The eye pillow is made of organic coton and contains ecological flaxseed and my own eco lavender.

Price: 15.95 to 26.95

Gifts for someone who enjoys making something

You can often do someone who enjoys making something themselves a big favour with a DIY kit. I have two. A DIY soap making kit and a kit to make your own stress ball filled with lavender. With the pressed lavender, you can decorate anything from a journal to your own frame with pressed flowers.

Sustainability: The moulding soap in the DIY soap making kit contains no SLS and no palm oil. The lavender oil is organic and the lavender from my own sustainable garden. The wool in the DIY stress ball kit is from local sheep’s wool, which has been sustainably dyed. The filler consists of my lavender and eco linseed.

Price: 5.95 to 31.95

Sustainable Christmas gifts for a lavender lover

Everyone is a lavender lover, of course. It reminds us of summer, with its lovely fragrance. Summer is captured in these drying bouquets of lavender. From my own garden. The colours stay beautiful for at least two years. And gently touching them releases a hint of summer. Endlessly. Replace your polluting cut flowers with them.

Sustainability: In my lavender garden, the bees and butterflies are as important as my customers. Biodiversity is a priority. Besides the lavender, I plant plants that provide food for the bees and butterflies throughout the season. I also leave lavender plants in bloom especially for them. All without pesticides, of course. Perfect as sustainable Christmas gifts.

Price: 7.95 to 9.95

Dried flowers gift for a flower fan

These bunches of dried flowers replace lots of fresh cut flowers. Did you know how polluting they usually are? Most of these flowers come from my own land, where it does make a paradise for bees and butterflies. They last for 2 years or even longer. So those polluting flowers, you can leave those from now on. It’s much cheaper too so and a real sustainable Christmas gifts.

Sustainability: I think I already mentioned that 🙂

Price: 17.95 to 21.95

Christmas present for a reader

Anyone still reading a book will be delighted by this. A bookmark filled with a little bit of lavender. Just enough so that your book smells a little like the lovely scent of lavender. Soothing, moreover.

Sustainability: most of the bookmarks are made of ecological cotton. The lavender comes from my own garden. Oh yes, there are no children’s hands involved here either. I make the products myself.

Price: 7,95

Who am I?

Mariette, Essential.blue
Mariette, Essential.blue

I am Mariette, the owner of Essential.blue and have a lavender garden in the mountains of Andalusia, in the middle of nature. Nature is under increasing pressure due to climate change and loss of biodiversity. I am trying to make the land more resilient. Planting lavender helps with that. Besides, butterflies and bees love it.

Everything you buy should be sustainable, I think. But unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Make this Christmas a sustainable celebration and buy from small sustainable entrepreneurs and buy sustainable Christmas gifts.

WWF advises: 1. Quality not quantity: 2. Gift an experience 3. Think about materials: keep sustainability in mind.

Picture of Mariette van Schaik
Mariette van Schaik

owner of Essential.blue

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