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Lavender invitation make it your self with real lavender

Kraft cardboard and the full colours of good dried lavender go together very well. Today I felt like doing a little DIY project. Make your own lavender invitation card from Kraft cardboard and lavender. You can, of course, buy envelopes and cards, but I happened to have Kraft cardboard. Besides, you can make your lavender invitation card so much more personal.

What you need:

  • Lavender flowers on stem
  • Cardboard
  • Knife
  • Embroidery thread or string
  • Ruler
  • Needle
  • if you want buttons to close the envelope

I cut the envelope to size with a knife. The card the same. The envelope is a long flap with two folds in the right place. Then you only have to close it on the two sides. I chose to sew that on with embroidery thread in a matching colour.

Heavenly scent and Melissa Lilac

I picked out two kinds of beautiful lavender flowers: heavenly scent, as the name suggests, with a wonderful scent and also a beautiful dark blue lavender flower. And Melilla lilac, an angustfolia that smells sweet and has a beautiful lilac colour.

lavender invitation DIY
Lavender heavenly scent (above) and Melissa Lilac I sell on Etsy

How to attach the lavender stems to your invitation card?

Then it was a bit of a struggle to attach the lavender stems to the card.
I am not happy with all the options I made. At the end I like best the lavender invitation cards that where most simple to make. A hole or cut in the bottom where you put the lavender stem. Somewhere halfway you attach the lavender with the same embroidery thread, a bow on the back and that’s it. lavender invitation card
lavender invitation back side
back side

Now I need to practise my lettering so I can send out my cards. 🙂

If you like DIY projects these are also to make with lavender and don’t forget to sign up for new projects to come.

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