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Lavender transparant soap making kit

If you would like to make your own soap, but do not like working with chemicals like caustic soda, then this lavender soap making kit is for you. I made these lavender soaps today and 2 hours later they were ready to use.
lavender soap making kit Essential.blue

Lavender that you can actually see within the soap I have never seen before. So I chose to make a transparent soap. With lavender oil and lavender flowers.
Making your own soap with pouring soap is not difficult, but today I experienced that the results can also be less beautiful. I will protect you from these mistakes.

You will need for six bars of soap:

  • 500 grams of transparent moulding soap.
  • six moulds
  • A maximum of 3% essential lavender oil. Take angustifolia oil for soap that you use before going to bed or when you need relaxation. Lavandula angustifolia is soothing.
  • Or take non-soothing lavandin oil, for use at other times.
  • Dried and pressed lavender flowers in different colours to decorate the soaps.

You can buy the soap making kit in my shop

Lavender soap making kit, this is how it works

  1. Cut the block of moulding soap into smaller cubes.
  2. Then prepare the lavender flowers as you wish, meanwhile cut the stems to size or remove the lavender from the stems. Place the lavender in the moulds. I found that the less lavender the better. Too much lavender makes a mess.
  3. Heat the blocks of moulding soap in a pan au bain marie (put a smaller pan in a pan with boiling water) or in the microwave. Au bain marie is preferred and that is what I did. In any case, make sure that the soap does not become hotter than 75 degrees C, otherwise it may discolour.
    The cubes melt relatively quickly, but also that a film quickly appears on the liquid soap. So keep stirring slowly, but not too quickly, so that there are not too many bubbles. If a film appears, stir again or heat it up some more.
  4. When the soap has completely dissolved, quickly add the essential oil. And keep stirring slowly.
  5. Remove the pan from the boiling water – dry the bottom, because you don’t want any water droplets with your soap – and pour the soap very slowly into the moulds. Don’t pour in too quickly, as the lavender will not move around as much. With a thin stream you can adjust the direction. This will reduce the amount of air bubbles.
  6. While you are pouring the soap from one mould to another, check that the liquid soap is still liquid. If not, put the pan back into the pan of hot water and, if necessary, heat it again until the soap is liquid again.
  7. Do not touch the filled soap dish again. Do not try to move the lavender after it has been poured either, because the result will not be pretty. And do not move the mould until the soap is really dry.

After 1 to 2 hours your soaps are ready. Then you can start using them immediately.

Have fun!

Lavender soap making kit in my shop

kit soap making lavender flowers transparant
See the soap making kit in my shop

I have put all of the ingredients for the soap – except for pans and a spoon – in a package that you can buy. The package contains:

  • 500 grams of transparent moulding soap
  • 2 bunches of tolerated lavender in the colours lilac and dark blue, with 25 stems each.
  • 6 pressed lavender flowers in dark blue

And optional:

  • 12 ml ecological lavender oil of your choice, soothing or not soothing.
  • A soap mould for 6 pieces of soap

Palm oil-free moulding soap

The moulding soap is palm oil-free and does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). SLS can cause skin irritation.

Please note: many other moulding soaps do contain palm oil, which, as you probably know, is an attack on biodiversity and nature. Certified palm oil is no guarantee either, unfortunately.

There is Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) in this moulding soap. This means that the soap washes well. The cleansing effect of SLES which can be drying, is compensated by the glycerine which is nourishing. If you have very sensitive skin, it is better to make your own soap, so that you can control what is in it. Because soap without palm oil and without SLES, just try to find it. Unfortunately, it is the norm rather than the exception that soap contains a lot of rubbish. And it doesn’t have to be. See how to make your own soap.

Lavander and lavender oil from the Sierra Nevada mountains

The lavender flowers come from my own lavender garden and I have dried and pressed them myself.

The ecological lavender oil comes from a colleague from the other side of the mountain where I live in the sierra nevada in Spain

You can choose for a package without soap form. Use your own or use an empty carton of milk or soya milk. You can check the soaps a little less individually because then it becomes 1 soap which you then cut into the desired pieces.

Prices: from 21,95 to 39,95

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Mariette van Schaik

owner of Essential.blue

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